New York C-Corp

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General Standards New York C-Corp

New York C-Corp Package includes:

tick Filing for Incorporation

tick Articles of Incorporation & By-Laws

tick Advice & preparation by a lawyer

Launch your business right with our C-Corp formation service…

Setting up a C-Corporation allows you to establish legal and financial separation between your personal assets and your business. A corporate structure also allows you to take advantage of favorable tax rates.

Most companies that consider going public, seeking out venture capital, or taking on equity investors choose a C-Corp stucture. Venture capitalists prefer C-Corporations because they allow more flexibility in making ownership arrangements.

If you are primarily doing business in New York but hoping to expand, the New York C-Corp is likely the structure for you. General Standards is an expert in setting up New York companies. You don’t need to fill out complicated forms – your lawyer will talk you through the process and obtain all the information you need to submit.

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