Trade Mark Registration

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Trade Mark Registration

Trade Mark Registration includes:

tick Free initial consultation & upfront advice

tick Advice & preparation by a lawyer

tick Application & final registration with IP United Kingdom

® = Registered. Protect your brand…

Registration puts people of notice that you own the trade mark – whether it’s a name or a logo (or a combination). To be registered, a trade mark must be distinctive and distinguish your goods and services from others.

You will have the exclusive right to use the trade mark in the UK, helping you protect and develop brand value. Registration allows you to warn people against unauthorized use with the familiar ® symbol and can make it easier to take legal action against misuse. It is important also to register in the correct class of goods or services.

Your brand can be valuable intellectual property. Trade mark registration helps prevent a business from having to rebrand, either because someone else has a relevant registration or others start using the mark. We usually recommend that a business registers their trade mark once the cost of registration is outweighed by the cost of being forced to change down the track.

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